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After One Full Year My Supply is Still Going Strong [with a little tmi in the mix]

Gosh I haven't had to PUMP in so long (I hate pumping)!!! But, I dusted off my handy 'ole pump this morning b/c I have this teensy, tiny abrasion on my nipple (TMI 😳) that feels like shards of glass cutting through it when Jack nurses. It hurts SO BAD. So, today we pump b/c for whatever reason, it hurts less than him latching. Any other momma's ever experience this before? I mean it for real is soPAINFUL! I've been cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide after every feeding and putting bacitricin ointment on it, too. 😫 Now, let's just hope that Jack takes to the breastmilk from his sippy cup!!! But, would you look at all that fatty milk--5 ounces from one pump/one side!! My supply is still going strong thanks to my daily superfood smoothie! 🌱👌#nursingmomprobs

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