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Can You Believe 3 Years Difference?!

Photo on the LEFT: December, 16th 2016 Photo on the RIGHT: December, 16th 2019

3 years difference... different ages, different cities, different homes, different workouts, different mindset, different bra size (still breastfeeding in the left photo), just lots of differents!!! Yet, the only thing that remains the same is my consistent AF lifestyle!

In my opinion, fitness is a formula. Getting in shape is the hard part, but once you've built the foundation it's easier to maintain. And it actually becomes fun to train.

It's a lifestyle, keyword being: consistency.

You can eat, drink, travel and be merry knowing your body is a muscle-memory machine ready to burn through those calories, so long as you show up.

Being fit is a superpower. 👏🏼

All that really matters is your health & happiness, whatever that looks and feels like to you. (I'm 5'8", 135 lbs, drink a glass of wine most nights and can still hold my baby boy in one arm!) If you need help laying down the foundation, I'm starting up my virtual bootcamp again -- we get prepped now to start in the NEW YEAR! Everyone who's tried it has been loving it! ❤️💪 So, come and join us!

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