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You Can Get Your Body Back After Baby

My story is really no different. I am a mama who got pregnant, had an unplanned emergency c-section and felt like I had to start ALL over with my fitness. I wanted to get my body back, so I committed to 90 days of Les Mills Pump and Shakeology® AND signed up to be a Beachbody Coach (I needed as much support as I could get and the 25% discount was very appealing). I lost all my baby weight and gained some ridiculous muscle! I started to gain my confidence back and loved how I was feeling on the inside AND out. I added in Body Beast and gained even more lean, toned muscle. As I was sharing my progress, I was inspiring people along the way--they were saying "because of you I got started on my journey, too" or "because of you, I haven't quit."


Beachbody changed my life because it's allowed me to LIVE my PASSION. It’s given me freedom of time to spend with my family, which is what I want and love more than anything. It provided financial freedom, which helps pay for date nights with my hubby and vacations for my family. And most of all, it gives me the freedom to be me: a mother and wife that wants nothing more than to the FITTEST for her family and help them be their fittest, too! Thanks to Beachbody, I'm healthier, I'm happier, I have purpose, I have desire and I am 100% committed to showing people that they can also find happiness, a higher quality of life, and hope that change is possible. Helping someone from a state of unhappiness into a place of confidence, purpose, peace of mind and health is a gift unmatched, and that is why I love my job. You, too, can change your life and so many others. If you want to take on this awesome opportunity and work side by side with me, message me. Let’s talk about it and all the rewarding things what await for you ahead.

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