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3D House Renderings are in!

Our (original) floor plans and 3D elevations. We’ve made some changes since these were printed, and determined some exterior design elements (instead of the computer-generated ones shown) After years of renting homes in our military life, we know what we like and what we want! We had originally designed our house ourselves on paper, and after months of tweaks and modifications with an architect, it just never looked right once we put a roof on it—AND, it was priced at over $1.2 million and that’s just a smidge over budget! ;)

So, we scoured the internet for the perfect house plan for us. When we finally found (this one) we knew we could move some walls, stretch some rooms and add some charm to make it work for us. We took it to an architect who we spent another few months working with and perfecting it. We spent the extra $$ for the 3D rendering and it was SO WORTH IT! It was the most exciting day seeing our little drawing on the big paper come to life! If you want me to share the house plans we used, please ask!! #sharingiscaring

Follow along on our dream home build journey here --> @SarahLaNore

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