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Dream Home Progress!

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared about our dream home build going on in Weatherford, Texas (while we’re finishing up our 24 year Coast Guard career in Alabama). So here we go! Let’s see a 5 year photo progress update — where we began to where we are now!

  • We purchased our 14-acre Ranchette lot about 5 years ago.

  • We then bought a tractor 3 years ago, cleared the raw land ourselves, built a barn, put in a well & septic, ran electrical and added a fence/gate to the perimeter.

  • We finally broke ground on our dream house build in February of this year.

It’s definitely been a slow and steady process, but isn’t that the way you win the race?

I plan to share ALL. THE. THINGS house build as we continue to build the house of our dreams, so stay tuned to see all the nitty gritty… everything from floor plans to interior design to tips on saving money and CUSTOM MUST HAVES!

It’s been a fun (and stressful) ride and we’re not done yet.

Are you here for it?

Follow along on IG: @SarahLaNore for more updates!

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