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Want to Get HOT for the HOLIDAYS?

This new program has been the best thing that's ever happened to my body!! I absolutely LOVE it 😍👌 For the ladies who don't know, all my workouts are 30-40 minutes and include a simple meal plan with delicious recipes. You can choose to do them anywhere, including at home, a hotel or your in-laws over the holidays!😜 Or you can even take the app to the gym with you and use the equipment as well as add in extra challenges!! It's so much fun trying new workouts and changing it up! And it’s so good for your body, too! The results are definitely proving it!! 🙌🏻

Here’s a quick Core Circuit you can try from the new program! Just grab some paper plates and do 1 minute of each move! 💪🏻

And if you want to join my 🔥Hot for the Holidays💃🏼 virtual bootcamp, just share your goals with me here and I’ll be in touch >>> 😘

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