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Do I REALLY Do a 30-45 Minute Workout?

I get asked all the time if I really just do a 30-45 minute workout most days and the answer is "YES"!! I will add in some stretching and/or abs, but that's it! Does it look like I have any more time than that with a baby running around and jumping all over me!?! HA Nope! And some workouts are even cut a few minutes short b/c said child just can’t stand one more minute and “needs a snack now!” 😂 So, gone are the days of feeling like I need to burn a bazillion calories or do cardio for an hour! It took me a while to get to this place, but obviously having a new baby (or kids in general) forces you to use your time a little more efficiently! Plus, when you fuel your body the way it wants you to, you don’t have to workout for hours on end! I’m so passionate about this postpartum transformation I've made and would love to help you if you can relate! I've got a few more spots open in my virtual Fit Body Bootcamp group! If you want to feel your best and stay balanced through the holidays, head over to my Facebook, drop a holiday emoji 🎃and I'll be in touch! 😘

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