• Sarah LaNore

14 Months Postpartum - PROGRESS!

There was that one time that I was a postpartum nursing momma who was sick of feeling squishy but needed to keep her supply up. — So I did 30 min workouts from home and followed my dialed-in postpartum meal plan. — And VIOLA! I got AMAZING RESULTS & I'VE KEPT IT OFF 👏🏼 — 6 inches lost between these 2 pics after 2 c-sections! But more importantly, confidence levels waaay 👆🏼 mental clarity waaay 👆🏼 energy level waaay 👆🏼 happiness level waaay 👆🏼 strength & endurance waaay 👆🏼 — So now I'm here for you...to show you that you CAN look and feel BETTER than you ever thought possible after the babies! — I'M LOOKING FOR Momma's who want to lose at least 10-15lbs, tone up, increase energy. 👊🏼👏🏼 You'll be provided with: ✔️balanced meal plan (that includes 🍫&🍷) ✔️30 minute at-home workouts to follow ✔️a PRIVATE group w/ me & other ladies on the same journey, giving you daily accountability, motivation, fun and PRIZES. 🙌🏼 — Head over to my Facebook Post - DROP YOUR EMAIL 💌 in the comments and I'll get you the details!👌🏼

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