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14 Months Postpartum - PROGRESS!

There was that one time that I was a postpartum nursing momma who was sick of feeling squishy but needed to keep her supply up. So I did 30 min workouts from home and followed my dialed-in postpartum meal plan. And VIOLA! I got AMAZING RESULTS & I'VE KEPT IT OFF 👏🏼 6 inches lost between these 2 pics after 2 c-sections! But more importantly, confidence levels waaay 👆🏼 mental clarity waaay 👆🏼 energy level waaay 👆🏼 happiness level waaay 👆🏼 strength & endurance waaay 👆🏼 So now I'm here for show you that you CAN look and feel BETTER than you ever thought possible after the babies! I'M LOOKING FOR Momma's who want to lose at least 10-15lbs, tone up, increase energy. 👊🏼👏🏼 You'll be provided with: ✔️balanced meal plan (that includes 🍫&🍷) ✔️30 minute at-home workouts to follow ✔️a PRIVATE group w/ me & other ladies on the same journey, giving you daily accountability, motivation, fun and PRIZES. 🙌🏼 Head over to my Facebook Post - DROP YOUR EMAIL 💌 in the comments and I'll get you the details!👌🏼

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