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The Kids Will Be Back in School Soon! Are You Ready to Change Your Body & Your Life?!

#NOFILTER I am 34 and He's 36 years old. We have 2 kids. I had the 2 c-sections, He watched!😂 I am an ex-soccer player/runner and have pretty much done it all when it comes to fitness. He's an ex-baseball, football, and wrestler-player and loves to throw down some weights. We eat real food. We don't starve ourselves. We drink one power packed shake a day in addition to our delicious and nutritious food. We have both been working out exclusively at home for over 6 years...wherever we can use our iPad, iPhone or laptop to access our virtual gym. ================================= I love helping women feel their best and inspiring them to do things they never thought were possible!! ================================= And because I believe sharing is caring, I want to help as many people as I can feel their best for a lifetime! I have opened the enrollment for my 💪🏻Fit Body Bootcamp💪🏻 that starts this month!! ================================= We'll all follow a workout calendar that delivers incredible results along with a meal plan that is super simple (and even family friendly) and is designed to fuel your body to blast fat in all the right spots. We'll be doing it right along side you the whole way through and you'll get everything you need so there's no guesswork and you know exactly what to eat and what workout to do every single day. And you don't have to leave your house to do it either!👌🏽 ================================= So who's in? Who wants to rock their body starting RIGHT NOW??? Here's what I want you to do --->> Fill out the application here or head over to Facebook and comment on my post! ================================== The kids are going back to school soon, so it's time to for us Mom's (and Dads!) to get into a routine that will change our bodies, our brain and our lifestyles! Are you ready?!?

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