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Nutrition Check In!!

Thursday night nutrition checkin!! ✅

I do this daily in my online virtual bootcamp to help hold myself and my challengers accountable to our fitness and nutrition goals! And YES I do it even when I'm on vacation in one of the most "foodie" places ever! #neworleans (*if you want to join my next virtual bootcamp, you can head over to my facebook & message me for more details 😊)

Every night I ask my fit friends to rate their day... You wanna play along tonight?

Thursday Meals 🍳

How was your day today when it comes to your food choices? I give myself a 4.2 today!

B- 🍳 w/ sausage, toast and Gouda cheese grits! L- fresh oysters & 🍤 D- wedge 🥗 and 🦀 cake with no breading and a glass of 🍷 S- Shakeology and 🍦 w/ my daughter


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