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Let's *THINK* about being *PINK*

When you realize the things that cancer LOVES, you can turn the tables and start fueling your body with the things that cancer HATES to help combat it. When you want to put out a fire, you don't throw gasoline on it because that makes it worse and fuels it. You put water on it because fire cannot survive with water. Can you see where I'm going with this? Here are a few things that cancer LOVES: 1. Sugar (processed/refined) 2. Pesticides 3. GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) 4. An acidic system (When the ph balance is out of wack) 5. Highly processed foods (fried and boxed food) With a diet that is high in one or all of these things, cancer is more likely to appear and thrive. Don't provide a comfortable and cozy home for cancer!


So, naturally, to help prevent cancer you must eat a diet opposite of what is listed above. The key is eating all-natural/clean foods with nutrients that your body is craving every day. Your cells need to be fed life-giving nutrients in order to protect themselves against disease and sickness.

I fuel my and my family's bodies with Shakeology® every day. It has been a part of our daily health routine for 2 years. When you can put optimum nutrition; whole foods and super foods from all over the world without ANYTHING artificial into one glass, you bet your bottom dollar I'll be all over it!!

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