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Do NOT Give Up On Yourself!!!

The weekends still count as days to stay on track! And so do the holidays. If you pay attention, you can see the signs that you're letting your hope slip. Sneaking an extra bite there. Rationalizing another drink here. Sleeping in a half hour more. Telling yourself you can start that workout and nutrition plan tomorrow.

Every little crumb of "that won't make much of a difference" adds up to one big cake of quit. 🍰🚫

Don't do it. Not during the holidays. Not because it's hard. Not because the kids are home or it’s winter break. Not for nothing! Right now, today can be the day you suck it up, you get your game face back, and you LOVE YOURSELF enough to make you a priority. You sweep out the laziness and the excuses and you get back in the game - the GAME YOU SAID YOU WANTED TO WIN!

It's time. Now. Let's go.

Go on over to my Facebook page and tell me what your New Years resolutions are for 2018!!

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