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You CAN Get Your Body Back!

On the left, college athlete before 2 kids.

On the right, after 2 kids, 2 c-sections & knee surgery!

Let this be proof that you can get your body back after babies, after surgeries.. even after just falling off track!! 💁🏼

Now, here I am a few years later feeling the BEST I’ve ever felt! As a former college athlete, I was told it was ALL or NOTHING! You either ate salads and worked out OR you ate pastries and sat around. 🙈

But I’ve found that you CAN have those bagels (& wine) AND make progress on your goals. You don’t have to wait until January 1st to start some extreme diet and give up all the foods you love.

You CAN feel amazing while enjoying the holidays and travels! I’m proof of that!

This is that time of year that is going to get crazy busy with family events, holiday parties and travel, so I'm trying to round everybody up that wants to get into a routine now and work hard early on so we can find that balance through the busy holidays!

Sooo I’m starting a new virtual bootcamp next week to support ladies through the holiday months and share exactly what I do to stay on track while still ENJOYING life!

You’ll get my “Netflix of workouts” app 📱, superfoods I have EVERY day 🌱 (even while traveling), community of women with similar goals 👯, and nutrition plan that doesn’t focus on deprivation🍎🍠🍳!

If you’re interested in seriously making changes and creating balance in your life over the next few months, click the image above and head to my facebook, comment “ME” and I’ll reach out! 😘💕

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