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Oh, Times Have Changed!

We SO used to be that couple at the gym.. earbuds in 🎧, game face on 😎, cranking out rep after rep on our favorite machines. It was a time that we took very seriously.

And, now I have to laugh out loud because while my workouts are still pretty extreme, and I take them very seriously, things have changed quite a bit. We do a lot of giggling, baby snuggling, chasing and tickling, and pausing for diaper changes and snack time during our workouts now... and that would NEVER be okay back in our gym days. As a matter of fact, if our gym-homies saw all this going down, they'd probably disown us! Oh well! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Because, it's these home gym workouts that have gotten me back to my pre-pregnancy body...TWICE NOW! And it's better results than I've ever had from my gym days! I mean a six pack after 2 babies via c-section?!? Would you ever believe it's from working out right here in my living room and following my simple meal plan?! 💪🏻🙌

So, I'll take my 30 minute kick butt workouts at home so I can giggle and dance around in between sets with my hubby and kiddos... my oh my have times changed.. for the better! 😁

If you can relate to my gym-going days and need something you can do at home that gets you the same, if not better results, I can show you the way to change and get the results and mindset I now have! Share your goals with me here and I’ll be in touch about my virtual bootcamp!

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