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Oh How Our Lunch Breaks Have Changed!

Yes, it's true, you usually see me grabbing heavier weights than my hubby, Marc, when it comes to legs. Not because he's a wuss, but because he already has incredibly "hulk" strong legs, and also has lower back issues that he doesn't want to irritate. Even with the modifications, he's still strong and sexy, right?!? 💪🏻👨🏼‍✈️

Gosh how our lunch breaks have changed! We used to work straight through our lunch breaks, eating store bought sandwiches & Starbucks (if we even ate at all) and count down the hours til 5pm so we could hurry to gym with the rest of the rush hour clan! 🙈

But now we plan our lunch around our workout break! We meet every day in our home gym at 11 am, drink our plant-based energy drink, do our workout together (most days), drink our superfood shakes, then feel good the rest of the day knowing we crushed it in the kitchen and in the gym! 🙌

And we'd never go back to our old ways! If only we had known about this sooner! 😜

I have a few spots left in my virtual bootcamp that starts this month! So if you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle that is all about #balance (because I am having chocolate tonight!), then complete the form! 😘💕👯👯👯

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