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STRONG is the New Sexy!

Bringing SEXY BACK is not just about being sexy from the front, but from the back, too!

But, there's even more to it than that. Being sexy is more about an attitude than anything else.

I’d say "SEXY" is the majority of fitness, whether it’s the ladies with the glistening cleavage in the BodyPump posters to the fact that magazines simply cannot dress their fitness models in anything offering more coverage than a sports bra and booty shorts. So, every once in a while, worried that I’m missing out on some important facet of my fitness, I try to look the part, and all my best efforts end in “duck face.” lol! So then I think “Eh, the world is not lacking for sexy women. They don’t need me.” Plus I still have issues with the whole women-must-be-sexy-before-anything-else thing. I’d rather be powerful and STRONG.

Isn't Strong the new Sexy anyway?


And, Yes, Justin Timberlake, what you lack in muscle you make up for in music!

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