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Financial Freedom Club... whaaaat?

"I’m sorry boss, I’m not gonna make it in today because I don’t want to stop playing with my sweet little boy.”

>> I’m pretty sure corporate America wouldn’t put my clients on hold if I called in and tried to use that line today. 😂

When I started this coaching business almost 8 years ago, I was new at this whole “stay at home mom thing” too. And to be completely transparent, some days I DON’T want to be a stay at home mom… {y’all know that the entire day doesn’t look as fun & happy as this photo, ESPECIALLY with a "three-nager" at home}… but you know what I do then? I take my daughter to school and I put my little man down for a nap, and I get my BOSS on.

I never truly understood what a life of complete freedom looked or felt like, but I had a deep burning desire to get my hands on it... But there was always that doubt that it couldn't be real…

I know there are SO many other women just like me who long for that freedom, to either stay home with their babies, to continue to work their jobs but break the chains of financial stress, to be able to WORK but on their OWN hours, to have an outlet to live their life unapologetically on THEIR terms while supporting their families, to be present for every event/game/concert/recital WHILE slaying it as a CEO, whatever FREEDOM means to YOU, but deep down doubt that it could ever work and are clueless where to start… That was ME.

So today, I’ll be on the other side of my phone between story time and snuggles, in my workout clothes, waiting to hear from YOU…, ladies ready to accept my mentorship to show them HOW, step by step, to build a business and get ALL those blessings of freedom you long for.

Take a peek at what it means to do what I do and then shoot me an email or click here so we can get you home and/or into the #finanicalfreedom club! 🙌🏻

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