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I Have Some VERY Exciting News to Share!!

Ekkkkkk! Exciting news! I am going to be in a private virtual test group WITH this gal right here, Autumn Calabrese, doing her new program, 80 Day Obsession! 💫BUT here's the REALLY COOL thing💫 I've been asked to hand pick a few people to bring into this EXCLUSIVE test group with Autumn herself and do it with us!! I can’t even believe it she’s doing this!! 🙀🙀🤗 Obviously, this is for those interested in getting SERIOUS about a physical transformation from Jan 15th-April 14th, committing to a full 80 days of hard work, new workouts every day, healthy & balanced eating, and willing to make an investment in themselves. The equipment packs are available now and you can do a sneak peek of the program with me before the end of December if you wanna see if you'll like it! I'll also put the before and afters of some of my friends who were part of the original test group in the comments below so you can be INSPIRED! 👇🏼 We start prepping NOW!!

Click the image above, head to my facebook and comment on my post for more details!

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