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Family Ab Day!

On Wednesdays we do family abs! 😂 I actually do them every other day and tack them on to the end of my workouts. I 💜abs, but y'all know me!

Want to try the ab workout we did today? It's a combo variation of plank and back exercises! Yep, you're going HARDCORE on the FLOOR the entire time. :)

• low plank hold -1 minute • seated rainbows - 1 minute • plank knee twisters - 1 minute • seated unicorns - 1 minute • low plank knee driver kicks - 1 minute • seated scissors - 1 minute • low side plank reach under R - 1 minute • low side plank reach under L - 1 minute

Add this to end of your workout this week-- so SHARE it to SAVE it for later! 😉

And... if you're up for the challenge, do it 1 more time for a total of 2 rounds and your abs will be on 🔥!! Let me know how you do!

Want to see more ab circuits and fitness tips? LIke my facebook page!

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