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The Results Are In and The "Shift" Happened!

The results are in and the "Shift" happened! But it was felt more than seen. I was super nervous for after pics because I just don't have a dramatic change BUT seeing the pics makes me realize there is definitely change happening, even if it's slow! I came into this program pretty lean and was only 10 months postpartum (7 since I got the "all clear" from Doc). Despite not seeing a lot of difference in the pics (I actually gained weight and inches), I am much "fitter," tighter, stronger, and more energetic - which just so happens to be perfectly aligned with my fitness goals. I have learned the value of overall health, strength, and energy -- I call it vibrance, and I think it looks good on me 😄 The abs though 😳 - that was all done in the kitchen! This meal plan is awesome!! Definitely excited about using it for good! My conclusion on this program is that it will absolutely shred any unwanted fat and will drastically improve stamina and cardio. I think if you are already lean, you may not "see" results, but rather will feel much stronger and tighter. But if you have some weight to lose and you get after this program in earnest, you'll quickly see results and feel the change, and suddenly realize more potential...and then you'll find yourself increasing your intensity and weights! 👈🏼 life changer!

❓Please ask me any questions! I'm an open book!❓

And thank you again and again to Chris Downing for this amazing program and Corporate for asking us to be in this test group opportunity!!! My hubby, Marc, and I are so appreciative we got to spend the last 3 weeks digging deep and making some shifts! ❤️💪🏻#shiftshop #maketheshift

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