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How Do I Know I Love My Job? ...

You know you LOVE your JOB when you’re excited to get to work on a Monday morning after your “vacation / biz trip.” 😜

One of the main reasons I first started this coaching gig was to earn some extra money for taking my family on trips! ✈️ I wanted to be able to afford more vacations with my family - so we could travel together and make fun memories! And, because of working hard on this gig, I’ve been able to travel to Nashville, Coronado, Punta Cana, and New Orleans in just this past year (all business trips), and been able to take my family with me on every single one! :) So even though I’m back from my Coach Conference, and have tons of laundry, grocery shopping, meal prepping, working out, etc. to do, I 'd rather sit down and get to work, because I honestly FEEL my BEST when I’m in work mode- helping other ladies realize and reach their true potentials. ✨ I've got over 100 women who are ready to crush some goals with our new HIIT & Strength program and I'll be doing it right alongside them and cheering them on! If you're curious what all this excitement is about that I've flooded your newfeed with, whether it's fitness or business, let's chat! My door is always open and I'm always looking for other momma's to join our tribe!! 😊 Comment below or fill out this form and I'll reach out to share more info with you!

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