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Skip the Diet!

Skip the "diet" and just eat healthy....


Make this a lifestyle which means it's ok to have some treats here and there. And you don't have to beat yourself up about it. Don't do anything crazy or irrational like go zero carb or restrict your calories to a super low BALANCED meals throughout the day.

What does balanced mean? It means you need protein, carbs AND fat in every meal. If you truly want to feel satisfied and full then you have to eat all of the above. Some body types are favor carbs and some favor protein. I'm a protein type, so I need a TON of protein in my eating regimen to feel satisfied -- especially while doing Body Beast! And when I don't get enough, I'll have these crazy cravings!! When you have a complete meal for YOUR body type you should NOT feel hungry or crave anything afterwards. So really aim to balance all of your meals going forward.

If you want some help with getting started - lemme know! I've got meal plans galore!

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