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The "D" Word... discipline!

✨If you have discipline, you have everything.✨

Here’s the thing.... Coach or not...some days I just don’t wanna! It's Wednesday, I’m tired, it’s raining, feeling lazy & all I want to do is sleep in. 😩

Discipline is doing what is hard even when you maybe don’t want to. The motivation won’t be there every single day. I’m not always motivated but I am always disciplined. I can do this for me. I can give myself 30 minutes a day. Because I KNOW I’ll feel a bazillion times better after a good 30 min sweat sesh. 💦

Isn’t it ironic that something that takes SO much energy can give that energy right back to us ten fold? 💥👏🏻💥

I mean, my fruit-punch mommy "go-go" juice does help get me goin', too! Plant-Based, No jitters, all-natural....And I’m like GO WORKOUT!!!

Once we lose our excuses, we find our results. 👊🏼

Are you READY to get fit, confident and start to form healthy habits with me before the holidays even hit? Be part of our Virtual Gym Sisterhood and let me guide you through your fitness journey.

It all starts November 10th.


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