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What I do works if you are willing to WORK IT!

I know these photos won't speak to many, but I'm okay with that. I want to offer a different perspective that gets overlooked all too often.

Today I wrapped up my fitness program of 100 workouts. (YAY!) I've only lost 1 pound and 1 inch in these 100 days of workouts and my abs have toned up some, but my selfies look exactly the same. And I'm okay with that, too.

I know I'm not going to be used in any kind of "corporate" transformation shout outs and I definitely don't mind that one bit.


✌️Not everyone wants to lose weight. ✌️Not everyone needs to tone up. ✌️Some people may have the goal of just maintaining, which let me tell y'all, is hard work, too!

So, in my full-finish progress report, I am happy to share that I have stayed the same physically, but mentally, I have more confidence, more motivation, I am stronger, my stamina lasts longer and not to mention my nutrition has been on point!! 👌🏼

What I do WORKS, if you're willing to work IT.

My next fit club is getting started and I want you to join me!! 💪 🏋️

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