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No-nonsense workouts are the workouts for me!

I want you in my group!!!

Being a former college athlete, I was used to the rigorous training that came with the competitive sport I played (women’s soccer). It was 7 days a week of work hard, train hard, run hard, lift hard. It became engrained in my brain several years later, that I HAD to workout 6-7 days a week to get the best results! And now, as a work-at-home-momma running a household and full-time business, *ain’t nobody got time for that!😜

I just started a new HIIT Program that is an efficient, no-nonsense workout that combines weightlifting and calorie-burning high-intensity interval training. And I am in love... ❤️

Here's why...

✌️ Every second counts during each workout (**NO WASTED time here…especially with kiddos home this summer!)

✌️I ONLY need to workout 4 days per week (**which leaves me 3 days for rest, beach days, bikes rides or anything else my kiddos feel like doing—talk about a no-hassle, convenient, REALISTIC schedule for this busy mama!)

✌️35 minutes is all it takes (**no hour-long unrealistic workouts this summer - just in and out! AND, done all from home!!!)I FINALLY feel like I have a ROCK SOLID plan this summer that includes workout freedom, flexibility, results & summer cocktails (because we all know we're gonna have 'em!)🍹 🍷 🍸

Want to try the FREE workout? 💪 🏋️

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