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You've gotta try out this Killer Ab Routine!


💪🏼 REAL TALK: if I had to go to a gym to work out, I’d probably STILL have the baby weight to lose and flabby, soft muscles! There is just NO way I’d be able to get my $hit together, get Emma to school, and get me and the toddler boy out the door. 😳 I become a flustered mess anytime I have to leave the house because it’s HARD freaking work. I mean it’s a workout in and of itself! I always forget something 🤦🏼‍♀️

Plus, Jack (now 2.5 years old) is a momma’s-boy these days and separation anxiety is setting in again! I could never, ever leave him in a gym daycare "scream-crying." 😥

So I know at-home workouts aren’t for everyone. But for me, they are everything. They push me WAY harder than I ever pushed myself at the gym! I can barely move today and my arms have been shaking ALL darn day. I’m getting workouts in that challenge me and remind me of my college soccer weight-room training days! 🏋🏼‍♀️

Here are a few AB exercises for you to try! Do 20 reps of each one, then repeat from the start!

Give these moves a try!

(turn your sound on for music to jam to!)

20 reps each - repeat circuit 2-3 times

  • Crunches: Single Side Leg Crunch (both legs)

  • Toe Touches

  • Lower Ab Crunch

  • Twist Side Crunch (both legs)

  • Oblique Crunch (both sides

  • Bicycles

And, I still have a few spots in my Virtual Accountability Bootcamp, so if you relate to my story and are ready to forever change your body, share your goals with me and I'll get you in!

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