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Mommy Strong!

My job as her mother is to teach her not to assume fault that isn’t hers, and furthermore, how to avoid blame or shame from those who are threatened by her presence, her intelligence, her strength. 🙌🏻❤️ I want my little girl to value her health. I want her to have respect for her body and ensure that she is respected by others. I want my daughter to keep her health a focus and priority throughout her life, continually working on becoming the best version of herself, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You see, my kiddos are never going to remember how many push-ups I was able to do. They won’t remember how fast I was able to run my half marathon, nor will they remember what size I was, or wasn’t, for that matter. But they will remember that their mommy was strong. That she was fierce. That she believed in herself when nobody else did. That’s despite all the times it would have been easier to quit, my children will remember that was when Mommy pushed harder. So, when Emma told me that she wanted to flex a strong photo today on the boat, I didn’t hesitate one bit to stand right beside her and flex my mom-strong muscles with her! 💪🏻 We are having the best time on the boat this weekend in between rain showers and nap time ... we love to recharge and get outside as much as we love to work our strong booty’s off.

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