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There is SO Much Nutritional Information Out There!!

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the nutritional info that’s out there?!! I know I do!! I have done it all when it comes to nutrition and finally ready to free myself of constant tracking and worrying about what I should and shouldn’t eat!! I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be co-hosting a nutrition workshop that starts May 14th! We’ll say good-bye to food restrictions & rules and hello to food freedom!! 🙌🏼 You can still have your chocolate, drink your wine, and eat your pizza! This is NOT A DIET!! A registered dietician is going to walk us through how to eat for the rest of our lives so we can think freely about food...and lose some weight as a result! She lost 100 lbs doing this and I can’t wait to help you figure out what works best for YOUR body and how to fuel it properly! No restrictions, just losing weight the healthy way and keeping it off! If you want more info, head over to my Facebook page!

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