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You'll Never Guess What I Just Did....

Oh hey there. 😜 Guess who just booked a MOMMY-ONLY trip to the luxurious tropical oasis of Riviera Maya, Mexico!?!?! (no kiddos or hubby!👶🏼👧🏼👱🏼) This Momma did! Hot diggity dog....this will be my fourth FREE trip I have earned as a Beachbody coach!! Five years ago I was just hoping to pay a few bills, cover my lululemon fetish and help our family breathe a little bit financially, but now here I am splurging on the room with the view and new swimsuits to enjoy some fun in the sun with my Fit Besties!!! 💜☀️👙 Hurry up April!! #beachvaca#happybirthdaytome Any fun things y'all recommend to do in Riviera Maya??

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