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Just Working on my Booty...

Sure, I could go to a gym and leave Jack (and Emma) in the childcare corner with all those germs…OR I could create sweet memories with them at home and get a better workout than I would’ve gotten on the treadmill, and in half the time! 💪🏼 Sure, I could pay $10 for a cheap gym membership in our small little town…BUT that’s ALL I’d get. My little at-home workout program comes with workouts designed by the world’s best trainers, nutrition plans developed by experts, a sisterhood of accountability, online tools for tracking & planning, as well as daily motivation and support. 🙌🏼 Ummm I think the latter sounds like a much better deal for this busy at home mommy of two! 💃🏼 Wanna join our little fit’n healthy community? I have another virtual bootcamp starting at the end of the month and am opening up enrollment NOW! Get the abs, arms and booty you want while being at home with your little loves! 😍

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