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Don't Skip the Weekends

It's fall. We are starting to bundle up & cover up. Cinnamon Pumpkin Spice is filling the air, and snuggling under a blanket on the sofa sounds perfect. BUT if there is ONE thing you can do to HELP YOURSELF make this season more enjoyable, it's DO NOT SKIP THE WEEKEND WORKOUTS! Sweat makes LIFE EASIER. It makes your CLOTHES FIT BETTER and helps you to handle STRESS BETTER. Even if it's just getting out to explore nature, going on a walk, taking the kids to the park. GO. DO. SOMETHING. Are working out this weekend? What are you doing?

This uphill hike pushing Emma in the stroller was a BUTT-kicker!! Good thing it was toning my butt & legs in the process!


If it's too cold to get outside, or you're getting bored and don't want to head to the gym, talk to me about finding the perfect home workout for you. I've been following home workouts for almost 3 years & have achieved my BEST results! I know you can too.

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