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Where Would You Rather Be?

Seeing that muscle tone - THAT’S MY FAVORITE way to measure and see my progress!! That’s what motivates me to keep showing up!

The scale doesn't tell the whole story so I rarely ever rely on it 100% ... that's why pictures are SO important when you're on a health and fitness journey!!

Quarantine life has added a few more cocktails through the week, I’m a little hungrier through the day and this homeschooling has put a wrench in my workouts, BUT the progress is still there!

OAN ☝🏼 Not just seeing but FEELING results from my home workout program & it’s only 2 weeks in! I can NOT wait for some of you ladies joining me this month for my aMAYazing Virtual Fitcamp! You’ll be blown away by the results you’re going to get along w/me! Eeeeeek!⁣⁣ 👙

I’m dreaming of warm, sunny beaches & salty hair....⁣anyone else? If you could be anywhere tropical right now, where would it be?

Want to join my Summer Virtual Bootcamp? Click below!

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