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Today's Tip: Just Keep Going!

The cool thing is... you’ve already made it through some of the hardest days: the days you thought you couldn’t!!!

So just keep going. The more you do, eventually it will all feel better!

I thought 2021 would bring about some smoother days, but it’s been quite the opposite for our family! Between shuffling kids to and from school, soccer practice, games, early dismissals, doctors appointments and physical therapy, we have something every day of the week that keeps us soooo busy!

So, if I don’t make myself the priority first thing in the morning, my workouts don’t usually get done until later that evening, if even at all.

But, I always feel soooo much better after I sweat, regardless of what time it is. Glad I didn’t just give up and let that be my story yesterday.

You get out what you put in!

Don’t complain about the results you didn’t get, from the work you didn’t do! It all takes work, effort & grace....But it’s worth it... and I believe in you!

If you’ve fallen off + need help getting back up or are in need of a simple solid routine, that costs less than 2 Starbucks a month- {prioritize your health} && can be easily slid into a busy mommy schedule—CLICK HERE & I’ll share my link to the amazing programs I follow!

You won’t regret it!

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