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Those At-Home Workouts Don't Work Though!

"Those at home workouts don't work though!" I hear people say that allllllll the time, "at home workouts don't work!"

Well, my 37 year old, 2 c-sections later, mom-bod would beg to differ! I’ve gotten these results from at-home workouts, in my home gym or garage, looking like a hot, sweaty mess, modifying moves as I need to, live workouts from any device!!! 📱🖥💻📺

But here’s the real deal... they only work if you do! 💪🏻 Give this killer Cardio Leg Circuit a try this week! I am so sore from it!!!

🔥run for 3 minutes @ 6 speed/3 incline 🔥incline sumo squats x10 🔥incline sumo pulses x10 🔥front to back lunges x10 each leg 🔥lunge jumps x20 🔥wide leg incline dead lifts x10 🔥single leg dead lift x10 each leg 🔥curtsy lunge jumps x20

Repeat circuit 3-4 times for a killer cardio leg burn! (If you don’t have a treadmill, you can just do it without and still feel that burn!) 🙌🏻

Want more great workouts? Click below and I'll hook you up!

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