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The Strangest 1st Day Of School Ever!

Have y'all started back to "real" school yet? Not us! ⁣

100% virtual 4th grade for Emma! 100% Homeschooling Pre-K4 w/ Mommy for Jack!

They were so excited to walk into school like a big 4th grader & Pre-k4-er today (where did my babies go!?!?!?) but praying that’ll happen soon! So blessed these two have always LOVED school!

Praying for Jack and mommy, Emma, her classmates, her teachers and an amazing school year ahead!

SIDE NOTE: I purchased a preschool program to do at home with Jack (age 4) that only takes about 45 minutes - 1 hour each day. All the lessons are laid out VERY easily for you to just follow right along -- my mom brain can't think this stuff up on it's own! hah! If you want to check it out, click here!

Also, we love these new wireless headphones I found for Emma and Jack that work perfectly for keeping it quiet during LIVE learning lessons! They are bluetooth and sync right up to our iPhone, iPad and laptop!

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