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The Perks Of Working Out From Home!

Yep, just worked out in the same workout clothes I wore yesterday!

Do you ever do that? Just one of the #Perks of working out at home in Texas while in vacation, where nobody cares!!

I remember the days of spending over an hour at the gym running my booty off or working out before I took an hour long class. Whew! So glad I don’t have to do that anymore!!

Now, I'm in and out in less than 35 min and I don't even have to leave my house! I still have a community of support that's like meeting friends at the gym for accountability, but we do it virtually! And, as a former college athlete (D1 women’s player), these workouts kill me daily!!

If you've ever been curious about the workouts I do and want to see what they can do for you, click HERE to try a sample workout! I want to help as many ladies as I can feel their best this holiday season!!

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