• Sarah LaNore

That backside muscle gain!

That moment when your backside muscle sneaks up on you... oh, hey booty! Haha!

For the last 9 years, 30 minute home workouts have given me less anxiety, improved focus, energy, well-being, positive vibes, etc...and apparently new strong mommy muscles, too!

Toting a toddler definitely gets some credit, but not all!!

As a WAH-Mom, I COUNT ON the 'mental boosts' of these sweat sessions, so it's easy for me to overlook the physical... but I'll be honest that my summer clothes aren't sad about this 'side effect'!! Feelin' physically stronger feels GOOD, too!

My Summer Slay private bootcamp is kicking off. HUGE variety of workouts to choose from ...whether you love yoga, barre, cycling, cardio HIIT, boxing, interval training, weight-training, and way more--you name it! Come join us! It'll be so fun getting strong for summer!

Click HERE for more info!
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