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Sunday Praise!

Showing praise can mean a lot of different things to different people and look different each time. Here, praise is a routine we want to develop. We want seeing ourselves, celebrating ourselves, and paying gratitude to the wins in our day to be habitual; something we do every week, if not each day!

Here are some ways to sneak praise into your day today + every day!

🙌 Gratitude Journal - Start each day by writing five things you are grateful for from the 24 hours before. Before you write a new day, read a bit from your gratitude the day before and compound all the things you have to praise in your life!

🙌 Wins/Changes Chart - End each day by making a wins + changes chart about your day. List three wins you had in your day (morning routine, your workout, nutrition choices, relationship + connection wins) and three things from today that you can change tomorrow (think SMALL; what changes can you make in the next 24 hours to reach your goals and BE YOU?)

🙌 Praise Partner - We’ve heard about accountability partners, but what about a praise partner? Reach out to a friend to whom you can send one praise each day/week and ask them to respond with praise about you!

In my Online Fit Camp groups I like to share a lot of different challenges & daily inspiration like this! If this is something you could use more of in your life, click HERE for more information!

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