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Summer Learning Ideas!

Every summer since Emma was in between kinder and 1st grade, I’ve been using some sort of a summer learning workbook with her. I love them because they give us a little morning routine, takes only 15 minutes or so, and it keeps their skills sharp over the summer.

I know both kids thought school was over and IT IS, sooooooo, we just call this summer work and get it over really quickly in the morning. These books come with stickers to reward their progress each day, which is the only incentive I’ve had to use yet! 😛

However, I do plan to reward them at the end of the workbook/summer with some kind of surprise… just need to brainstorm some ideas (please share any you’ve got!) 🎁

I have used a lot of different workbooks with my kids, but I keep coming back to this one — it’s my favorite one!📚

Does anyone else use summer workbooks?

Click the link below to shop the ones I use for my family!

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