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Summer Ab Workout!

15 minutes of HIIT cardio. 15 minutes of weights. 10 minutes of core at the end and done! My kinda workout…especially during the summer!

Here's a fun AB circuit you can try! 20 reps of all moves and repeat 2 times!

Being a former D1 college athlete, I used to exercise for HOURS every day thinking that’s what would get this postpartum mommy in “tip top bikini shape”. I applaud myself for the attempts, but they never worked because I wasn’t eating right and let’s be honest, who really has time for that anyways? So I just ended up frustrated and still with my post c-section belly pooch.

This program is my fav so far because it’s short and effective, and has core work every day! Oh and it’s only 4 days a week, so I don’t have that “oh my gosh, I have to fit in a workout” anxiety every day! And it comes with resistance bands so you can take it on the road while you travel without having to worry about weights!

My JULY group is up and running and I’m still accepting girlfriends who want look and feel AH-MAZING this summer! IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN!!!

If you’re interested, click HERE for more info!

You’ll get a year’s access to my "Sweatflix" of workouts app, early VIP access to this program & our new one in July, a simple nutrition plan, the superfoods I have every day for energy, regularity, clear skin, & shiny hair, and a community of fit besties on the same journey so you never feel alone!

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