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Sometimes Life is Hard... I have something to LIIFT you up!

This is 100% a fake smile! Well, sort of...

Waking up early on a Monday after a fun weekend (with late nights and one too many drinks) is hard.

"Mom-ing" all summer long is hard.

Modifying workouts to meet my injuries/needs is hard.

But I've endured way harder and I'm always up for the challenge.

As a former college athlete, I love this new workout program we've come out with this month!!!! This program has proven to me that I can conquer anything and I can’t wait for it to help so many others, too!

Want to lean out? Want to get toned? Have weight loss goals? Want to start weight lifting?

This program is SO SO GOOD!

Weights + just the right amount of HIIT + core every day + nutrition + supplements, all in 35–45 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 8 weeks! A busy mama’s dream this summer and into the school year!

Now, to get my knee and shoulder healed in lightning speed!!!

If you like weights, YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE IT! If you want to try a sample workout and meal plan click below!

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