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So about that workout this morning!

So about that workout this morning...

Some days are HARD for me to push play - late to bed, tossed and turned for the 6 hours...woke up to a toddler in my bed at 5am because said toddler was ready for breakfast.

I really had to talk myself into this...just took it step by step: -Workout clothes on -Chug water -Drink pre-workout -Push play -Drink the hydrate -Sweat it out

It works every time - one habit triggers the next and before you know it my healthy morning routine is complete and my real day can now begin.

Sometimes it’s not about changing your whole life, but simply changing one routine by changing one habit at a time that brings a total life change over time!

How did your workout go today? Did you get it in?

If it doesn’t sound easy today, like me, do it anyway, these are the days that set you apart!

This was my favorite progression from today’s workout! Strong moms need Strong arms and Strong discipline! Want to try my at home-workouts? Click HERE for more info!

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