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Our "Compartment" Flow

It’s like clockwork routine over here at our "compartment" (as Jack calls it) every day... especially on Mondays!

My kids just know the drill... if mommy is gone and the 'I'm At The Gym' sign is up, the kiddos watch a show until I return.

It’s not bribery... it’s just our summer morning flow! But it didn’t happen overnight. I had to first make myself a priority and show up consistently for ME. Then, I had to gently remind my kids that this time was special for mommy because it made me happy, healthy and sane!! And shortly there after, it just clicked, they respect my workout time, and it’s worked for us ever since, even back at the old home gym! Thankfully my workouts are usually only 30-40 minutes long...otherwise we might have some issues!

Are you back to the gyms yet or still working at home?? If you want to try a great workout you can do from home Click Here.

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