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My EOTW Motivation!

Here’s my End-Of-The-Week Motivation for ya before I unplug for the evening...

It’s the motto I’ve lived by in my home gym for the past 9 years...

- You can drop your sets - You can drop your weights - You can even drop to your knees

But don’t drop out! Finish what you started.

Basically, show up and just do something. Because something is better is nothing and something usually turns into something more!

I was up all night and couldn't sleep with my plantar fasciitis burning painfully in my foot, so this mama needed a little "pick me up" this afternoon, but it had to be low impact. It's incredibly humbling to go from advanced intense workouts to this low impact barre workout and still have it whip my booty!

These small intentional movements are working my muscles in ways that burpees just can’t Always gotta keep those muscles guessing!!

Want to try some of these workouts for free? Click here for more deets!

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