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Mom Strong!

Is it Monday or Tuesday?

🤷‍♀️ I dunno, but we CRUSHED OUR WORKOUT today, whatever day it is!

... This totally reminded me of some comments about me I saw floating around this past year from people who were following me....

You are one of the ‘lucky’ ones. You only gained 30lbs. in your previous pregnancy. You have good genes, so the weight just fell off. ⁣

Are these excuses? Circumstances? People needing justification?

🤷‍♀️ I dunno, but whatever they are, here's my truth…⁣

-There is no such thing as luck with weight loss... just hard work⁣. -30lb. IS a lot of weight--try carrying around a 30lb. dumbbell all day every day for 9 months! -Sure I have my dad's long legs, but good genes don't make me HEALTHY.. I DO! My choices do.

So yes, I gained 30lbs during my last pregnancy. Yes, I work hard to take care of my good

genes. And yes, I came up with a plan to lose the baby weight so I could feel comfortable in my skin again... even 3 years later. I workout at home for 30 minutes a day with my little boy. I eat as clean as I can and follow a simple meal plan. I am proud that I feel confident in a bikini. I am proud that Jack flexes his muscles and calls himself strong after workouts. I am proud that I can model confidence for my family. ⁣ This is what mom strong looks like. It isn’t luck. It's work. It's loving myself through the process. And it is helping other women do the same. ⁣No matter the excuses, or whatever day it is! My February Mom Strong Group is open for enrollment! Ready to feel your most confident and love the skin you're in!? Let's gooooooo!

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