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Is What You're Doing Working For You?

Being a former college athlete, I was used to the rigorous training that came with the competitive sport I played (women’s soccer). It was 7 days a week of work hard, train hard, run hard, lift hard. It became engrained in my brain several years later, that I HAD to workout 7 days a week for hours(+) each day to get the best results! And now, as a work-at-home-momma running a household and full-time business, *ain’t nobody got time for that!

But, then I started a new Functional Training Program that is an efficient, no-nonsense workout. It combines functional resistance training, calorie-blasting cardio, and restorative mobility workouts that target your entire body and leave you feeling invigorated and energized — not defeated or spent. And I fell in love...

Here's why...

The focus is on reaching YOUR peak. We are all in different places in our fitness journeyed this program meets you where you are. And ANYONE can do it!

Sustanability. This program is not going to crush you every day. We are going to stretch and we're going to WORK but we are going to do it in a way that honors our bodies. In a way that is sustainable for the duration of the program and beyond.

Every second counts during each workout (**NO WASTED time here…especially with kiddos home this summer!) As you progress to more challenging moves using dumbbells or resistance loops, the reps and weights gradually change so you’re always in max-conditioning mode.

The personal training aspect of this program makes it feel like you're right there with them in their gym! He keeps things upbeat, positive, and informative, especially when it comes to showing you the proper way to execute a move & activate that muscle. “The better your form, the better your results.”

45 minutes is all it takes!! **This includes a 10-minute active warmup (it's so much more than basic stretching). No hour long unrealistic workouts this summer or school year - just in and out! AND, done all from home!!!

I FINALLY feel like I have a ROCK SOLID plan to closeout this summer and rock the school year with that includes new functional workouts, mobility & flexibility, awesome results & end of summer cocktails (because we all know we're gonna have 'em!)

Click HERE to fill out a form & I'll send you this FREE workout to try!

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