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Is It Cheating?

True story: we had pizza, chicken nuggets, beer, wine and ice cream this weekend. And it was dang delicious! No guilt whatsoever. 🍕🍗🍻🍦😍

But today we're bouncing back with strawberry superfoods and extra water!

People always ask me if I "cheat on my diet." First, I don't diet! I can't stand that word or what it stands for! ✋🏼

I make healthy choices 85% of the time. Then I indulge in whatever I want the other 15% of the time. The "all or nothing" mentality doesn't work for me. I don't wait for Monday to "start over" or "restart" because I never stop. It's a lifestyle of moderation not deprivation.

And my daily shake is the same thing. It’s an every day thing for me, and my kiddos (Jack, too, not photoed), no matter what! I want our bodies to run well so I fuel it every day with what it needs to do just that. With incredible nutrition all in one glass consisting of the best, all natural protein source, antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens and a whole bunch of other awesome stuff ...

📣📣 So if you're interested in trying this with me and cleaning up your summer grub WHILE enjoying yourself, click below to email me and I'll send you more info! ❤️👯

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