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How Do I Stay Motivated?


I get asked this ALL. THE. TIME. My honest answer is .... I don't. I don't stay motivated.

I stay disciplined and that helps keep me motivated, but more importantly keeps me on track during times of difficulty.

If you rely solely on motivation to do something, you may never get anything done. Motivation comes and goes. You might wake up one day and feel SUPER MOTIVATED.... and the next day, you feel nothing. THAT is why you cannot rely only on motivation. Discipline is the key. Let me explain.....

WHY do you shower?

WHY do you brush your teeth everyday? ... because you are in the habit of doing it - you are taught to do so. It comes naturally to wake up and brush your teeth, right? The same goes with exercise. If you do it enough, you can train your body to recognize that as "just part of your life".

That's why I LOVE my 30-minute home workout programs, you can fit it in anytime. Once you know when you can fit it in, you do it - again and again and again until it naturally becomes part of your day, it's no longer a chore or a choice, you just do it without thinking ....... just like brushing your teeth.

If you need help with discipline and want to get motivated for spring break/summer goals, click HERE for more information about YOU snagging one of my 4 spots open for my April virtual fit club!!

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