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How Do I Do It All? I Don't.

Someone asked me the other day, "How do you do it!?! Run a successful fitness business from home while having two kiddos."⁣

I laughed and responded, "I don't." ⁣

I chug pre-workout and run on smoothies. I sometimes find myself letting my son eat popsicles for lunch because I don't want to fight him while I am on a zoom call. The house may look clean, but it isn't. Laundry doesn't get put away for days. Dinner is simple & easy: Meat, veggies, & a healthy carb. BOOM. Done. Hair? Ha! I wear hats... a lot. Throw on my workout gear and that's my #oftd. I work in pockets of time: while stopped at a red light, during nap time, work while cooking, during Netflix, stay up late and get up early (like right now).

Listen, the dream is free, the hustle is sold separately.⁣

I train women that want to go all in with their fitness goals & how to share their journey on social media while helping other's reach their fitness goals.⁣

If you are interested in learning more, drop me a "" in the comments! I will share my story on how I turned this side hustle into my full-time business and my seven figure income progression.⁣

I haven't talked about the business side of it in awhile, but it would be a disservice if I didn't share more about how you can do this, too.⁣

If you want more info on what I do, click HERE!

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