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Have you felt this way, too?

Waaaaaaaaait a stinking second....

This is the message I JUST received..."Okay so I reeeeeally want to sign up to be a Coach, work on my fitness goals while helping others too BUT I'm sooo scared Sarah!! What if I totally suck?? GAH!"

Guess what??? I had the SAME fears. But when you focus on making baby steps each day to do GOOD for yourself, the motivation and inspiration to guide others through the same journey literally seeps out of your pores! Experience is not what makes you a great coach...the desire to live your best life and pay it forward is.

When I started, I had ZERO experience, but I knew waaaay deep down I wanted more out of life. Out of myself. For myself and my sweet little family. I can't EVEN imagine where I would be in life had I not said YES almost 10 years ago. Isn't all of that worth a shot? Trust yourself my friend!

If you want more info on what I do, click HERE or email me HERE so we can chat!

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